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We believe that games should be used to their full potential; specifically, being able to play multiplayer with online friends. Our owner is a Twitch.tv partner and over the months of streaming he has seen the question “Can I join?” or “Will you accept my friend request” a few thousand times. Well, now you can join and now you can get your friend requests accepted. Although it may not be an “internet superstar” members are adding, this is something better! We are introducing a service that instantly matches profile information between accounts and will help people find online gaming friends. Why the name GameFame.net? It’s simple! We want members to be famous on whatever console they play on. When you’re famous everyone wants to be your friend. With GameFame.net everyone wants to be your friend.

Today's 'American Dream' is making money online. GameFame.net can help you make the connections to do so. The members you meet might inspire you to create content on the next level than you currently are. In today's market net working runs fortunes. Why not use GameFame.net as your networking tool so you can live the 'American Dream' while sitting in your living room.

Who Owns GameFame.net?

My name is Matthew Leister, I am an 18 year old entrepreneur, student, and gamer. Over the internet most people call me by my game tag and partnered Twitch.tv name, SkillsTheName. I streamed full time for about 4 months before i decided to hire a web developer to create a website/program to help players on all platforms meet (Steam, XBOX, PSN). Currently, the only way players can meet are by meeting in Twitch chats, YouTube comments, as well as those few forums made for sharing gamertags. Video games have been my whole life's passion starting with the GameCube and Playstation 1 and now having an XboxOne and a PS4. With your help I know how successful we could make this and provide the gaming community with a great new tool.

Want to Help Improve This Site?

Everyone always appreciates help. At GameFame.net helping can range from suggesting new games added to the site, providing us with honest feedback of your experience, suggesting additional features that we could integrate into the site, and maybe even offering your time to become an administrator on the site. Help is always appreciated and just because we don't get back to your offer does not mean we didn't consider it.

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